What is the Victim/Witness Portal?
The Victim Witness Portal is New Jersey’s automated Victim/Witness notification service.
The Prosecutors Office receives a case
The Prosecutors Office sends a letter to the Victim or Witness
The Victim or Witness then registers for the Victim Witness Portal
The Victim or Witness will then receive their notifications from the Prosecutors Office electronically and is also linked to the Victim Witness Unit

About the service
The Victim Witness Portal is a free service offered by the County Prosecutors Office and the Office of the Attorney General. This portal service is designed for Victims and Witnesses. Once registered the Victim or Witness will receive immediate information about their case and be linked to Victim Services.
How can I get an Authentication Code to register for this service?
If you are a Victim or Witness and have not received a Welcome Letter from the Prosecutors Office, please contact us to get help.